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Q&A with David: Why is Israel Expected to Give Over Land

Question: Hi David (just FYI, my name is ****), I feel like a class A moron, but would really appreciate (when you have time, it doesnt have to be now, whenever is fine) if you could explain (in basic terms, o r if as I suspect, it’s just the same double standard always applied to us)…we WON the 6-Day war (I was 7, I saw it on TV, kita bet ivrit was good enough for me to understand “Har HaBiet b’yadeinu.” I KNOW we won E. J’lem, the Golan, Yehudah v’Shomrom, Gaza, the Sinai Peninsula (was that it in 6 days?) How are WE the ONLY ONES forced to give back land captured in a defensive war…bc now it seems we “occupy” it. No one speaks of us winning that war & I don’t understand. I KNOW how other countries ‘play’ war. Why is it different for us? Or is it, as I suspect rhetorical? Or are we the consummate friar? Thanks! @Blondini on Twitter


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