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Shomron Tour Q&A

Question is this tour meant only for people who support the settlements?

Answer: while we would be glad for you to support this tour is open to everyone regardless to their opinions with the goal a providing information about the reality on the ground.


Question: is this tour meant only for religious Zionist groups?

Answer: Groups from any affiliation and background are welcome and many have participated in the past. We respect your position I would like to give you an opportunity to meet the people who live injured and Samaria and to explore the towns and institutions ‏and their development.


Question: is it safe?

Answer: we have hosted hundreds of similar groups with no unusual security issues.


Question: Do we need an armed guard and bulletproof bus?

Answer: some groups decide to add on special security measures many have made the trip without them and had no problems so it’s really up to you we can help you make the arrangements if you would like?


Question: This is a full day adventure what should we do for lunch?

Answer: there are a couple of options for this. Arrangements can be made for home cooked meals in home of residents or a pre-ordered meal for the group at a local restaurant or Winery. Or if you would like you could also bring sandwiches from home.


Question: okay if we choose to bring our own box to lunch is there a place where the group can sit to eat and bathrooms nearby?

Answer: Yes, no problem, best would be to make these arrangements ahead of time so let us know.


Question: Some of our students are minors so we do not allow alcohol in the program can we visit a winery without tasting the wines?

Answer: Yes, you could choose to either avoid the winery altogether or to visit to learn about the process of making wines and the history without a wine tasting. Just let us know what you would like to do.


Question: Would it be possible for our students to meet with their peers?

Answer: yes we can work on that please let us know their age and special interests and we will try to set up some kind of joint activity with people their age and similar interests.


Question: What is the time frame for a day like this?

Answer: this is a full day program we normally start at about 9 a.m. In the Shomron. Which means that you should have your group on the bus and leaving your location by about 8. We aim to get you back at about 5 p.m. Let us know if you have specific limitations regarding times for the day.

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