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I Believe that the Jewish people are realizing their destiny through Zionism, the gathering of the people from the four corners of the globe and building a country and unique society. In my eyes, these investments lead to the higher goal of becoming a “light unto the nations.” I believe that peace can be achieved in the Middle East through mutual respect and appreciation that does not require Israel relinquishing any part of its land or compromising its security.

I am devoted to my family – husband to Mollie and father to Achinaom, Hagar, Yair- Macabee, Hever, Shuva, Taliya-Or, Hadas and Carmel. I believe that a strong family is the basis for a strong community, and all real success stems from that base. I recommend hugging your wife and children often, for no special reason, thereby saving yourself future heartache and regret.

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