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“One of the most important points in the faith of the Church is
the gathering of Israel, that happy time when God will turn to
them a pure language, and the earth will be filled with sacred
knowledge as the waters cover the great deep.”

– Joseph Smith, American Mormon prophet. 1805 – 1844 AD


“Judaism is not a mere adjunct to life: it comprises all of life. To be a Jew is not a mere
part, it is the sum total of our task in life. To be a Jew in the synagogue and the kitchen,
in the field and the warehouse, in the office and the pulpit… with the needle and the
graving-tool, with the pen and the chisel – that is what it means to be a Jew. (…) Judaism
is an untouchable sanctuary which must not be subjected to human judgment nor
subordinated to human considerations.”
– Samson Raphael Hirsch, German-Jewish chief rabbi of Moravia. 1808 – 1888 AD


“Restoring persecuted Jews to their national home in Palestine is a noble
dream and one shared by many Americans. My chiropodist is a Jew who
has so many times put me upon my feet, that I would have no objection
to giving his countrymen a leg up.”

– Abraham Lincoln, 16th American President. 1809 – 1865 AD


“Judaism (…) is not a temporary passing, it is a human ancient good,
which reached its full value within a particularly qualified tribe, carries
continuous force within itself and must strive for its extension over the
whole of humanity. (…) We shall not abandon the name of ‘Jews’, which,
though much reviled, has been linked with the purest knowledge of God,
the noblest freedom of the spirit and refinement of morals.”

– Abraham Geiger, German-Jewish Reform rabbi. 1810 – 1874 AD


“Judaism is not a passive religion, but an active life factor which has coalesced
with the national consciousness into one organic whole. It is primarily the
expression of a nationality whose history for thousands of years coincides with
the history of the development of a humanity and the Jews are a nation which,
having once acted as the leaven of the social world, is destined to be resurrected
with the rest of civilized nations.”

– Moses Hess, German-Jewish philosopher and socialist. 1812 – 1875 AD


In an unexpected and deeply shameful manner, the racial hatred and
fanaticism of the Middle Ages is being rekindled in various places and
directed against our fellow Jewish citizens. What is being forgotten
here is that many of them have bestowed benefit and honor upon the
fatherland through their industry and talent in commerce and trade, in
the arts and sciences.”

– Theodor Mommsen, German historian and author. 1817 – 1903 AD


“Why not give Palestine back to [the Jews] again? According to God’s
distribution of nations it is their home, an inalienable possession from which
they were expelled by force. Under their cultivation it was a remarkably fruitful
land, sustaining millions of Israelites, who industriously tilled its hillsides and valleys.
They were agriculturalists and producers as well as a nation of great commercial
importance – the centre of civilization and religion.”

– George Eliot, English writer, novelist and journalist. 1819 – 1880 AD


“So many Jews on such a day! And how cheerfully and colorfully
they are clothed! Now I still see that with so much pleasure. The
Jewish finery on the shabbat has always attracted me more than
the cold, barren reformedness.”

– Eduard Douwes Dekker (Multatuli), Dutch writer and anti-colonialist. 1820 – 1887 AD


“No nation has been able to establish itself, as a nation in Palestine up to this
day, no national union and no national spirit have prevailed there. The motley,
impoverished tribes which have occupied it have held it as mere tenants at will,
temporary landowners, evidently waiting for those entitled to the permanent
possession of the soil.”

– John William Dawson, Canadian geologist and anthropologist. 1820 – 1899 AD

About the Author
I believe that the Jewish people are realizing their destiny though Zionism, the gathering of the people from the four corners of the globe and building a country and unique society. In my eyes, these investments lead to the higher goal of becoming a “light unto the nations.” I believe that peace can be achieved in the Middle East through mutual respect and appreciation that does not require Israel relinquishing any part of its land or compromising its security.

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