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Mudar Zahran, Palestinian-Jordanian Publicist and Dissident

“It was such a pleasure seeing David Ha’ivri launching his own website. Having been involved in the complex and perplexing world of Middle Eastern politics, I have to admit that Mr. Ha’ivri is one of the most professional and knowledgeable individuals I have come to know. Mr. Ha’ivri is very factually perceptive of the real situation on the ground in our region. He also is an excellent communicator who has exhibited an ability for public outreach as well as targeted institutional connections. Personally speaking, I have much benefited from Mr. Ha’ivri’s unique skills in relationship building as well as his organizational skills of turning public events into national successes. Also, Mr. Ha’ivri is indeed an authority on Israeli-Arab affairs.”

– Mudar Zahran, Palestinian-Jordanian Publicist and Dissident, London, UK


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