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Anna König, a young women from Germany

Hasbara – Are We Doing It Wrong? – A Hebrew in the Heartland

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Israel vs BDS PR who is doing it better and what can we do to improve? On today’s show David will take a look at new list of pros on cons published by “Almost Jewish” Brand Digger and Public Relations expert Virag Gulays. She compare effective measures used by anti Israel propagandists vs weaker and limited means used by the pro Israel camp. Is Hasbara mostly Jews speaking to Jews? What about the much larger audience, the non Jews,are we ignoring them? How can we be more effective for Israel? Israel support from Germany. David will be speaking with Anna König, a young women from Germany who not too long ago was on the other side of the fence and has turned into a big supporter for the Jewish State and the nation of Israel. She recently visited Israel for the first time and spent a day in Shomron. She will share her journey and her impressions after visiting the Heartland of Israel. From Norway to Nigeria via Israel Norwegian Author, Britt Lode recently traveled to Nigeria to promote her book “A Light from Zion”. She will tell of her adventures as a European women traveling in Africa to spread teaching on Torah and support for Israel.

Today I will be speaking with two very special friends of Israel from Africa.

Njeri is from Kenya, she spent last year volunteering in Jerusalem and learning Hebrew. Although I missed her on my recent short visit to Nairobi for Israel Independence Day. We will hear from her about the special love for Israel that exists in Africa and especially in Kenya.

My secound guest today will be Bishop Scott Mwanza from Zamabia. Who was recently on tour in Shomron and spoke at the Shomron Regional Council. On today's show we will hear part of the speach that he gave to the council members and his remarks after visiting factories in the Barkan Industrial Park.

A funny thing happened to me last week on my way back from Africa. I got stuck in Ethiopia and was force to spend an unexpected Shabbat the capital Addis Ababa. This mishap became an amazing opertunity to meet and bond with the remaining Jewish community there who are waiting for OK to come to Israel and reunite with their families and the Jewish people.

On today's show I will be speaking with a young member of this community. Abera Endeshaw is a student of software engineering, he speaks fluent Hebrew and English and represents the younger generation in the African Union's International Affairs.

With the rise of right wing political parties in various European and other countries, the Jewish community in Israel is challenged with debate on their past and current positions regarding strong support for Israel on one hand and in some cases a shady antisemitic past.

On today’s show David will be speaking about these issues and more with Jenny Aharon, political adviser at European Parliament. She is a director at Golden Gate public affairs & consultancy, has published several opinion articles in European media, Times of Israel and Jpost and is a diplomat at World Jewish Congress.

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