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Social Media Censored with Avi Abelow

Social Media Censored and Sweet Dates of the Jordan Valley

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On today’s show David will be speaking with Social Media Guru Avi Abelow. Founder and CEO of Israel Video Network, 12 Tribes Films and behind the Milstein Israel Inspired short video contest. Over the past five or six years Avi has been in the business of sharing and encouraging others to share video content on the various existing social media platforms and getting a hundreds of thousands of hits and more. But, recently his operation has been hit cross platform new rules, regulations and outright censorship making it harder and harder to get the message out and very difficult to make and profit from the traffic coming through.

Avi will share with us his journey on becoming involved in video sharing and milestones on the way to becoming an enterprise and then the predicted closure of a good thing.

Check out his new video venture at www.israelunwired.com and help make it viral again. He has also launched a site dedicated to fight the censorship of the social media corporations. Sign the petition at dontshutusup.com

Later in the show we will be speaking with Elie Pieprz from theyeshacouncil.org/ who is sharing sweet dates from the Jordan Valley with Israel supporters at #AIPAC18 in Washington DC and getting them connected with the Heartland of Israel, Judea and Samaria.

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On today's show David Ha'ivri will be speaking with Likud Knesset Member Sharren Haskel, youngest and prettiest member of the Netanyahu coalition. Sharren a real fighter is a veteran of Israel's Border Police unit,  a Veterinarian nurse and a Vegan. As an ideologue and a social activist she found herself on an unexpected path to a political career. While her social agenda might seem liberal to some she is a conservative and even a hawk on issues of Israel's national security, sovereignty and borders.

We will also be hearing from our friendly Zionist Arab Fred Maroun about his new article confronting those who oppose the existence of Jewish life in Judea and Samaria.

Do all Arabs hate Israel? Is there any hope for change? Today David will be speaking with Lebanese writer Fred Maroun who has become a big supporter of Israel. Growing up in Lebanon during the civil war and the Israeli invasion, he could have easily matured into another hater of Israel, but Fred chose a different path. Today he advocates for friendly relations with the Jewish State and believes that this is the direction that leaders of Lebanon and other Arab states should take.

On today’s show David will be speaking about reports that PM Netanyahu told Likud party members that he was negotiating with the American administration for declaring Israel sovereignty over the Jewish towns in Judea and Samaria.

The White House denies that such talks have ever took place. If Netanyahu is telling the truth the act itself is opposite of sovereignty. So very problematic.

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