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Arab By Birth, Zionist By Choice – A Hebrew in the Heartland Feb. 20, 2018

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Do all Arabs hate Israel? Is there any hope for change? Today David will be speaking with Lebanese writer Fred Maroun who has become a big supporter of Israel. Growing up in Lebanon during the civil war and the Israeli invasion, he could have easily matured into another hater of Israel, but Fred chose a different path. Today he advocates for friendly relations with the Jewish State and believes that this is the direction that leaders of Lebanon and other Arab states should take.

Later on the show we will hear from Dia Latina, Australian Conservative Vloger who believes that freedom of speech and options should not be confined or libeled as hate if they are not actually hateful. She will give some updates on her recent shows and a plug for her upcoming guest, none other then our show host David Ha'ivri. Look up her youtube channel Dia Opina.

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On today’s show David will be speaking about reports that PM Netanyahu told Likud party members that he was negotiating with the American administration for declaring Israel sovereignty over the Jewish towns in Judea and Samaria.

The White House denies that such talks have ever took place. If Netanyahu is telling the truth the act itself is opposite of sovereignty. So very problematic.

We will be speaking about media commotion and criticism of Israeli public figures who have expressed support for German right wing political parties.

Are there German, political parties that do not have anti-Semitism within them? what about so-called liberal parties who support BDS, the systematic boycott of products produced by the Jewish state? Is it okay to engage with members of those parties who are participating in modern-day anti-Semitism by boycotting Israel?

David will be speaking with Conservative Australian Youtuber “El Dia Opina” about what it means to be a “youtuber” and how she relates to Israel and and anti-Israel dis-information being spread around the internet. In future weeks El Dia will be hosting David Ha’ivri on her youtube channel. In past show’s Dia has had other personalities on her show including the Imam of Peace Sheikh Tawhidi and American celebrity Joy Villa.

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