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Ilana Shimon and ”Negar” Adele Josephi - A Hebrew in the Heartland Jan. 16

Ilana Shimon and ”Negar” Adele Josephi – A Hebrew in the Heartland Jan. 16, 2018

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One week ago Rabbi Raziel Shevach was murdered in a terrorist attack  just outside of Havat Gilad in Shomron. He was a Talmud Torah teacher,  a volunteer paramedic, husband to Yael and father to six small children. This murder came as a great shock to the people of Israel. Thousands came from around the country to attend the funeral and then over the week to show respect and comfort the family. David will be speaking with Ilana Shimon a community organizer in the town of Havat Gilad and a close friend of the Shevech family. She will tell about challenges of giving in a pioneering community in the hills of Shomron end of her efforts to raise funds to build up the community and to provide support for the Shevach family.

Will the anti-semites five of us wherever we go?  from the hills of Israel’s we will reach out to the Jewish communities in Iran and Sweden. Our guest “Negar” Adele Josephi is a Jewish woman whose family fled from Iran after the Islamic revolution and made their home in Sweden. Recent reports of anti-Semitic attacks on Jewish institutions in Sweden demand we asked are the Jews safe anywhere. And what is going on in Iran today. Growing unrest and protests demanding social change are shaking Iran. What about the Jewish community there that it one time number two over 150,000 and today has dwindled down to less than 10,000. Will the Jews leave that country and come to Israel?

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David will also be speaking with American Conservative Youtuber Tree of Logic who recently held a debate on her youtube channel with anti-semitic Alt-right speaker on the JQ. For those who are unfamiliar JQ is the anti-semites code name for the “Jewish Question” or the modern day Protocols of the Elders of Zion. By way of lies, deception and miss information they wish to convince White people that there is a Jewish conspiracy to flood Europe with immigration and other hidden plans to topple the lands of the White people etc.  

Last Sunday Israel's ruling “Likud” party held a conference and a vote regarding the party’s platform on this issue. The outcome was unanimous support for building in Judea and Samaria. Many believe that this is an important stepping stone on the way to Israel's government deciding to apply Israeli law in all parts of the land.

Inon on the other hand is hopeful and optimistic, some may say that he is naive. He has established an organization or movement called “The Home” which sets out to arrange events in the Heartland of Israel and in our capital Jerusalem in participation of local Jews and Arabs, who together pick up cigarette butts and work to keep our Holy Land clean. This he does this under the title “Cleaning up the Hate”. Is he a dreamer or a visionary we are yet to see. But he surely has a very interesting perspective that is worth hearing.

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