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Moshe Elkman, Melbourne, Australia


Moshe Elkman speaking at One State Conference at Havat Gilad in Israel

Moshe Elkman speaking at One State Conference at Havat Gilad in Israel


“With G-d’s blessing B”H

This is to confirm that David Ha’ivri, as Executive Director of Shomron Liaison Office, visited Melbourne, Australia in October 2009 on a whirlwind public speaking tour.

David’s itinerary was cram packed with numerous public speaking events, which included speaking to an audience of well over 100 people at Beth Weizman. David spoke at a number of synagogues and schools and was very passionate, well spoken and very clear in his delivery. David included video presentations, which certainly kept the audience’s attention, as did distributing a colourful brochure from the Shomron Liaison Office.

The Melbourne community was given a clear perspective of the “settler movement” and David’s excellent public speaking skills were very well accepted.”

— Moshe Elkman, Melbourne, Australia

Mudar Zahran, Palestinian-Jordanian Publicist and Dissident

“It was such a pleasure seeing David Ha’ivri launching his own website. Having been involved in the complex and perplexing world of Middle Eastern politics, I have to admit that Mr. Ha’ivri is one of the most professional and knowledgeable individuals I have come to know. Mr. Ha’ivri is very factually perceptive of the real situation on the ground in our region. He also is an excellent communicator who has exhibited an ability for public outreach as well as targeted institutional connections. Personally speaking, I have much benefited from Mr. Ha’ivri’s unique skills in relationship building as well as his organizational skills of turning public events into national successes. Also, Mr. Ha’ivri is indeed an authority on Israeli-Arab affairs.”

– Mudar Zahran, Palestinian-Jordanian Publicist and Dissident, London, UK


Steven Goldberg, National Vice Chairman, Zionist Organization of America

“I categorically recommend David Ha’ivri as a public speaker.  David is knowledgeable, passionate, clear and concise.  He also has the gift of irony and knows how to intersperse his speeches with humor so that the audience both enjoys and learns from the experience.  If you have the opportunity to invite David to speak to your group or to attend one of his speeches, seize it.”

— Steven Goldberg, Los Angeles, USA

Jonina Pritzker – Congregation Or Yisrael, Newton MA

“David Ha’ivri is a visionary and pioneer who, with every new initiative he plans, conveys the centrality of Israel to the identity, history, and future of the Jewish people.

A passionate communicator, he has initiated groundbreaking work in outreach. He has the special ability to bring people together in order to accomplish the goals that unite them.

Raising his large and beautiful family in the heart of the Shomron, he serves as an inspiring example of the values and vision he promotes.”

Jonina Pritzker, Congregation Or Yisrael

Ze’ev Orenstein – Jerusalem U

“I have had the pleasure of working together with David Ha’Ivri over a period of a number of years, inviting him to speak with many of my students during this time.

David has the unique ability of being able to take issues that are both politically and historically complex and presenting them in a nuanced manner. In doing so, David is able to engage both layman and scholar alike, as well as allowing those of diverse political and religious backgrounds to feel comfortable, opening their hearts and minds to hear David’s message.”

She’Nivneh, Ze’ev ואדברה בעדתיך נגד מלכים ולא אבוש – תהלים קי”ט, מ”ו

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