Shomron Day Experience

סיור יום בשומרון

Why should you visit the Shomron?

You who spend so much time and energy preparing yourself for Israel advocacy must know the facts on the ground in Judea and Samaria. If you think about it all of the core issues that Israel is being confronted on in the so-called Hasbara arena have to do with Israel's presence in this region. Your personal experience here will provide you with answers that you will never find in the classroom. Visit the so-called Jewish settlements and meet the people behind the headlines. You will come back with a real face to the story.


During my service in the IDF I was stationed in the Shomron, and I know the importance of being familiar with this area for the charge of it's unique and the key area on the heart of our relation with the Palestinians, because the key location on the middle of occurs and on the area that overlooks to the center of our country and mostly explain exactly and certainly the complexity and the challenge and the reason that this area so not only important but also essential for our existence and security, and in the social-economy aspect it provides unique opportunity to standing on the front of the relationship between our citizens and the Palestinians on the most challenging area.
Hany Mazrok
Hany Mazrok
Head of Media in Arabic

Prime Minister's Office

As the world around us hardens it’s heart to the Land and people of Israel it is critical to gain a solid connection specifically to the Heart Land of Israel-Judea and Samaria, more commonly referred to as the “West Bank”. The media continually misinforms it’s viewers and deprives them of the facts about this location and the conflicts therein. There is no substitute to replace firsthand experience. I would highly encourage students to take a day trip to experience the beauty of the West Bank, to connect to it, and to become better equipped to share with others the facts of Heart Land of Israel!
Victoria Brumlow
Victoria Brumlow
WholeHeart Designs
Why is it better to look for yourself? It’s your impression, it’s your brain that interprets what you’re seeing. Visit Shomrom, get your feel! And perhaps your opinion will change! Judea, Samaria and all the other parts of Israel are worth it.
Hein Tiede
Hein Tiede
Teacher, Germany
Visiting the ancestral heartland of Israel and seeing the wonderful places from Jewish history strengthens and rejuvenates Jewish identity, this is where the stories of the bible happened, walking the same paths that biblical characters walked 3 thousand years ago is an amazing experience even for non Jews, for Jews ? its transcendent.
Ryan Bellerose
Ryan Bellerose
Indigenous Rights Activist
Visiting the Shomron (& Yehude & Golan) is important for ecerybody who loves Israel and want to decide for themselves how it really is. When these area’s are visited you can see with your own eyes how small the area is and beside the Biblical values seen here the strategic importance of the areas. without these areas you would create another Gaza where rockets can easily reach the whole of Israel. Touring through this area let you understand that Jews, Arabs, Druze can easily live together (visit the Barkan surroundings shows good examples) and that there is freedom, creating another Arab state will take away the freedom. Besides that it is an exiting area to visit, nature, history and today meet each other on a daily base
Richard Wilma Lether
Richard Lether
ICNN TV, Netherlands
"At the Barkan Industrial Park you can see first-hand the benefits of productive cooperation between Jews and Palestinians. Some advocates of boycotting Israel would suggest that these companies, where Jews and Palestinians who would normally never speak to each other work hand in hand, are an obstacle to peace. But here you can meet the workers, half of whom are Palestinians who are being provided with higher salaries and benefits than they would have working in the Palestinian Authority area, who are living out peace in action. In the heartland of the Jewish people, in what is supposed to be a conflict zone, these people are the nucleus of real peace. A vision of what the Jewish people, returned to their sacred land, living in peace and harmony with their neighbors, as a shining example of a new middle east and a light unto all nations. "
Rafi Gassel
Rafi Gassel
Jerusalem, Israel
I enthusiastically urge all students, indeed everyone, to plan a visit to the Shomron with David Haivri. I have had the privilege of visiting the Shomron with David several times. Each time I have seen for myself the cradle of Jewish civilization and learned of its biblical significance and strategic importance today. I've learned vital and fascinating about the Shomron, Israel and the Jewish people on each of these visits. I've also had tremendous fun and met the wonderful and courageous Jews who are developing anew our homeland. David is an outstanding guide and leader, and anyone who accompanies him to the Shomron is in for an amazing and unique experience.
Steven Goldberg
Steven Goldberg
Attorney, LA, California
The Shomron is one of the most beautiful and inspiring parts of Israel. I’ve been fortunate to have traveled there on several occasions but the most impactful and rewarding trip was when David Ha’ivri led us. Having the opportunity to meet the people, see the land, and enjoy the foods and wines makes all the difference.
Evan A. Heltay
It is of utmost importance for every person to visit Shomron and see for oneself the beauty, quiet and miraculous growth of this part of Israel. In Binyamina, visit a vineyard and learn how ancient history has been restored to life. See ancient Shiloh where Jewish nationalism was born. You will be amazed how different the area is from what you’ve been led to believe, and transformed by the timelessness of the heart of ancient Israel.
Randi Skurka
Randi Skurka
Toronto, Ontario
The Israeli-Arab Conflict is as stereotyped as it is misunderstood. Polarising caricatures of snarling zealot settlers and stone-throwing Palestinian youths do nothing to further genuine understanding of the region. There is no substitute for time spent studying these issues on-location, and I highly recommend students take the opportunity to tour the northern West Bank.
John Jameson, 23
MA Student

The Barkan Industrial Park

The Barkan on Industrial Park provides workplaces for over 7000 people more than half Arnon israeli-palestinian residents. This a reality might be very confusing to people who have been fed this information by the proponents of BDS who wish to close down all of these factories and cause the people who work here to become unemployed. A unique opportunity to enter this world to meet with Executives of the factories to hear why they decided to build these businesses in the West Bank and also to speak with Palestinian workers and hear their opinion on BDS who wish to send them to the breadlines of Hamas.

Shomron Tour Yossi Dagan
Yossi Dagan, Chairman of Shomron Regional Coucil speaking with students

Shomron Regional Municipal Government

Elected officials around the world are constantly challenged to express an opinion regarding the growth of the Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria also known as the Westbank. But in truth very little is known about the reality on the ground. Influencers and decision-makers need to have the opportunity to see with their own eyes and to learn about the Jewish towns in this region. On a one-day Shomron personalized experience you'll get a chance to meet people who are making this all happen. You will get a perspective that you haven't been exposed to in the past and be able to relate to the issues based on facts.

Shomron Road Map

Ariel University

The University of Ariel and the city around it are very different from the stereotype the media portrays of the Jewish settlers in the West Bank. Some 15 thousand students who learn here come from all walks of society in Israel. We should visit the Laboratories and research centers and meet some of the students some native Israelis men women but also immigrants some from the former Soviet Union and some from Ethiopia but also not a small amount of Israel minority Arab population.

Shomron Tour (83)

The View is Amazing

Joseph Look Out point or Metzpeh Yosef on Mount Gerizim towering 880 meters above the city of Shannon also known as Nablus. From here we look down and see the ancient biblical city of Shechem. We can imagine the amazing events that occurred here as told about in the Bible. We can also see the refugee Balata just below. This is the closest we can come to Joseph's tomb and this might describe more than anything else the outcome of the Oslo agreement that closed off this area to Jewish people as it was classified area A.

Home Meals in Shomron

Home Made Meals

Break bread with the families who live here. Enjoy the best home made meals and get to know the people in their homes.

The Jewish Shepherd​

Avraham the Jewish Shepherd walks in the fields around the town of Kfar Tapuach reading from the Torah. If you get a chance to meet him you will surely enjoy hearing his unique worldview and humble lifestyle. You might even want to become a Shepherd yourself.


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